Online courses

In POEMA, short introductory courses and graduate courses will be organized, to broaden the scientific scope of the ESRs, and to equip them with additional competencies, specific to the domain of polynomial optimization. They will allow the ESRs to acquire a common knowledge, to be shared by the network community. These courses will address different aspects of effective algebra, convex geometry, and polynomial optimization and will be provided by POEMA members or high-profile speakers. During the learning weeks and industrial workshop, our non-accademic partners will be highly involved in presentations and short-courses demonstrating the potential impact of POEMA in real-world applications. They will train the ESRs to the contexts, approaches and solutions that the optimization applications require, providing the practical feedback necessary to address the corresponding optimization problems.

1. Course on Polynomial Optimization by Didier Henrion (LAAS-CNRS)