ESR10 - Tobias Metzlaff



    Nationality: German

    POEMA Host Institution: Inria, Sophia Antipolis, France


  •  2014-2018: Bachelor of Science at RWTH Aachen University with bachelor thesis “Periodic Linear Discrete Systems and their Canonical Form”
  • 2018-2019: Master of Science at RWTH Aachen University with master thesis “Computational Improvements for Non-Commutative Gröbner Bases over Z/mZ”




Research interests:

I am interested in computer algebra and its applications in polynomial optimization. A great focus lies on finding robust, efficient algorithms for computations in non-monomial bases with group theoretic techniques to gain symmetry and nicely behaved moment matrices. Other interests are Groebner bases, autonomy/controllability of abstract linear systems and geometric properties corresponding to representations and functors.

POEMA project: Group theoretic polynomial bases for global optimization

Supervisors: Evelyne HubertInria, Sophia Antipolis, France

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