Partner Organisation

International Business Machines (IBM)

Image result for IBM logoIBM has the world's largest research organization, with more than 3,000 scientists and engineers. IBM Research - Ireland is working on R&D projects for a better use of, and facilitating better design of, water, energy and transportation networks. Employees are actively involved in teaching in Irish higher education institutions and in supervising post-graduate theses.


Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)

Image result for NAG logoNAG is dedicated to applying its expertise in numerical engineering to delivering high-quality computational software and high performance computing services. NAG experts have worked closely with world-leading researchers in academia and industry to create powerful, reliable and flexible software which today is relied on by tens of thousands of individual users, as well as numerous independent software vendors. As a not for profit company, NAG reinvests any surpluses on the research and development of its products and services, its staff and fostering new numerical and scientific talent.

Réseau de Transport d’électricité (RTE)

RTE is the French transmission system operator (TSO), owner of the biggest transmission network in Europe. With 100+ staff researchers, RTE R&D division is deeply involved in fundamental and applied research for Optimal Power Flow resolution since 1962. The team has as strong experience of research collaboration, hosting regularly internships and co-supervising PhD It also provides intensive computing facilities.