ESR11-Sebastian Debus

Nationality: German

POEMA Host Institution: Univ. of Tromsoe, Norway

Background: MSc in Mathematics at the University of Vienna, Master thesis title: “Non-negativity vs. sums of squares in equivariant situations”.

Research interests: Real algebra, convex geometry and intersections with optimization. I am interested in problems where symmetry can be exploited to reduce the complexity and sums of squares techniques can be applied.

POEMA project: “Numerical cubature with symmetry and applications to polynomial optimization”, I am looking forward to the secondments at the University of Konstanz where I will work with Prof. Schweighofer, at INRIA Méditerranée with Senior Research Scientist Evelyne Hubert and at Artelys in Paris.

Supervisors: Cordian Riener, Univ. of Tromsoe, Norway

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