ESR6- Andries Steenkamp


Nationality: South African.
POEMA Host Institution: CWI, the Netherlands

Background: BSc. Math. University of Pretoria, BSc. Math. (Hons.) University of Pretoria, MSc. Math ETHZ.

Research Interests: Combinatorial optimization, Graph Theory and the Moment Problem.




POEMA project: Approximation hierarchies for (non-)commutative polynomial optimization.

Future Results: 
  1. Convergence analysis of the approximation hierarchies; 
  2. Genericity of finite convergence and optimality certificates; 
  3. Exploring techniques (like sparsity and using appropriate polynomial bases) to make the computation of the non-commutative hierarchies more efficient.  
Planned secondments. a Research stay at CNRS-LAAS in Toulouse, France (Didier Henrion) and with the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG), Oxford, UK (Mike Dewar). 

Supervisors: Monique Laurent, NWO-I/CWI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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