ESR8 - Felix Kirschner

Nationality: German

POEMA Host Institution: University of Tilburg, the Netherlands

Background: I earned my B.Sc. as well as my M.Sc. at the University of Cologne, Germany. The focus of my studies was optimization

Master thesis: On bounds of Grothendieck constants

Research interests: I am interested in the "Generalized Moment Problem" (GMP) and its connection to polynomial optimization. 

POEMA project: We intend to study approximation hierarchies for polynomial optimization problems and the GMP and their implementation. Especially, we want to publish results on the convergence behavior of mentioned hierarchies. Moreover, the application of recent results in the field of polynomial optimization to classic problems in Finance and Operations Research is of interest to us. 

Research visits: CNRS, Toulouse, France and ARTELYS, Paris, France.

Supervisors: Etienne de Klerk, University of Tilburg, the Netherlands

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