ESR9 - Lorenzo Baldi

    Nationality: Italian

    POEMA Host Institution: Inria - Sophia Antipolis, France

    Background: Algebraic Geometry, Cryptography. Master thesis: Real tensors and Algebraic Geometry

    Research interests: Real Algebraic Geometry, Effective Algebraic Geometry, Moment Problems, Polynomial Optimization


POEMA project: ESR9 Structure of moment problems and applications to polynomial optimization.

The objective of this project is to develop new relaxation methods that improve the capabilities of existing relaxation methods, by exploiting the structure of the optimization constraints and the objective function, that derive from the equality and positivity constraints of the optimization problem, and from properties such as symmetry or sparsity. To validate these algorithmic developments, an application from urban network optimization will be considered.

Secondments: Artelys, Paris, France  and University of Birmingham, UK

Supervisors: Bernard Mourrain, Inria -Sophia Antipolis, France

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