ICCOPT 2019, the Sixth International Conference on Continuous Optimization.

The event takes place on the campus of the Technical University (TU) of Berlin from 3-8 August 2019


The ICCOPT is a flagship conference of the Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS), organized every three years. The event includes a Summer School (August 3-4) and a Conference (August 5-8) with a series of plenary and semi-plenary talks, organized and contributed sessions, and poster sessions. 

POEMA was present at the event with Cordian Reiner (UiT), Etienne de Klerk (UvT, co-chair of the cluster "Conic, Copositive, and Polynomial Optimization"), Markus Schweihofer (UKON, organizer  of the minisymposium "Hyperbolicity Cones and Spectrahedra"), Michael Stingl (FAU), Michal Kocvara (UoB, organizer of the minisymposium "Recent Trends in Large Scale Nonlinear Optimization"), Jakub Marecek (IBM) and Jan Fiala (NAG).

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