POEMA 1st Workshop, 15-17 January 2020, Florence

The 1st POEMA workshop - Research introductive workshop on Polynomial Optimization and Moments is organized from 15-17 January 2020 at: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Viale Morgagni, 67/a - 50134 Firenze, Italy.

The 1st POEMA workshop aims:

  • To immerse the fresh ESR fellows into their research world of polynomial optimization
  • To work up new research ideas into firm plans and to start weaving professional connections in their research area.
  • To start building a network with other non-POEMA members whose interests is problems related to polynomial optimization
  • This is also a chance for POEMA ESRs to start the dialogue with their secondment hosts and for the supervisory board and Educational Committee to meet.

The event has 61 participants, from POEMA partners representatives (17), POEMA fellows (14), invited speakers (3) and external participants (27)

The workshop includes lectures and talks by POEMA scientists and invited speakers accompanied by brainstorm challenge and problem sessions for the Phd students. The main three useful courses are:

  • Course: Tensors by Giorgio Ottaviani, UNIFI
  • Course: Sums of squares and moments for polynomial optimization (two parts) by Monique Laurent, CWI
  • Course: Computational Algebra (two parts) by Mohab Safey El Din, SU

The talks of the invited speakers and POEMA partner:

  • Talk What is polynomial optimization by Simone Naldi, University of Limoges
  • Talk on Decomposition of Tensors and Geometry by Luca Chiantini, University of Siena
  • Talk on "Recent advances towards global optimality for Optimal Power Flow" by Jean Maeght, RTE
  • Talk on "Polynomial Sampling, Quadrature, Approximation, and Applications to Polynomial Optimization by Federico Piazzon, University of Padova

You can find the agenda of this workshop and all tutorials and presentations are uploaded for public use.

Here are some photos during this successful workshop:


Participants at the workshop


Exercises Sessions of the fellows


 Meeting of POEMA researchers for representatives vote


 An evening walk of the researchers around Florence center after the workshop

A social networking dinner of POEMA researchers