Arefeh's secondment with UvT

Arefeh, ESR at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnburg (FAU) had a 2 month secondment with Tilburg University (April and May 2022).

The aim of the secondment was on computational study on the convergence and solving some SDP problems on specific cones. 

Arefeh had weekly meeting with ESR8, Felix at Tulburg University and Prof. Etienne de Klerk.  The goal was to use the dual FW cone for solving SDP problems arising from SDP relaxation by Goemans and Williamson on max-cut problems for a Chordal graph. An open source Matlab solver “Alfonso” was introduced by Etienne de Klerk. Arefeh started to use this solver in order to solve the aforementioned problems. Meanwhile they were discussing the challenges and new ideas in  weekly meetings or sharing handwritten or LateX documents.