Francophone Computer Algebra Days

Francophone Computer Algebra Days is organized from 3-6 March 2020 at CIRM in Marseilles, France

Computer Algebra refers to the study and design of algorithms for manipulating mathematical expressions and objects. It lies at the interface between Mathematics, Computer Science and various application fields. It covers a wide range of subjects, such as effective linear algebra, algorithmic number theory, integration and summation in closed form, differential and polynomial system solving, or special functions.

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Expected outcomes include:

- A better integration of young researchers. The JNCF are an ideal opportunity for young researchers to present their results for the first time and also to get an overview of the various advances in Computer Algebra. This is especially important in the Computer Algebra community, where researchers need to build skills in both Computer Science and Mathematics.

- New collaborations and interactions. The JNCF have traditionally been an opportunity to create successful collaborations between researchers from different parts of France. We now would like the JNCF to open to an international community, while remaining primarily French-speaking. The previous editions already included courses by colleagues from other European countries, and we intend to continue this trend. We also plan to better advertise the next JNCF in Mediterranean countries.

Inria team of POEMA project is present at the event including Bernard Mourrain, Tobias Metzlaff and Lorenzo Baldi who gives a contributed talk on Polynomial Optimization and Moments

More information of the conference: