Tutorials and Presentations of Industrial Workshop, 13- 17 December 2021, Sophia Antipolis, France

Industrial Workshop, 13 December 2021

Jan Fiala & Shuanghua Bai (NAG)



Talk "Bridging the gap between academic and commercial software"

Jean Maeght - RTE

Talk "Model Predictive Control Framework for Congestion Management with Large Batteries in   Sub-Transmission Grid"

Felix Kirschner (UvT)

Talk "Bounding option prices using tools from polynomial optimization"


Industrial Workshop, 14 December 2021


Matteo Tacchi (EPFL)



Talk "Towards network structured Lasserre hierarchy for stability analysis"

Miguel Anjos (University of Edinburgh)


Talk "Semidefinite Optimization Approaches for Reactive Optimal Power Flow Problems"



Erling Andersen (MOSEK)


Talk "The value of conic optimization for analytics practitioners"

Pietro Belotti (FICO)

Talk "Solving large-scale discrete quadratic optimization problems"


Industrial Workshop, 15 December 2021

Anthony Schoofs (Inria)



Talk "Technology Transfer: Conveying results from scientific research to the market place"

Bernard Mourrain (Inria)


Talk "Moment problems, decomposition and applications"

Michaël  Gabay (Artelys)


Talk "Optimization, modeling and decision support in industry, applications to energy"

Industrial Workshop, 16 December 2021

Dr. Sergiy Zhuk (IBM)



Talk "Minimax state estimation and system identification methods for dynamical systems: from Navier-Stokes equations to optical flow reconstruction"


Orr Cohen (European Space Agency)


Talk "The role of mathematical optimisation for ESA space missions- cases and challenges"

 Jan Zeman (CVUT)  

 Talk "Polynomial matrix inequalities in structural optimization"

Lorenzo Baldi (Inria)

Talk " On Moment Approximation and the Effective Putinar’s Positivstellensatz"


Industrial Workshop, 17 December 2021

Corbinian Schlossler (LAAS)



Talk "Sparse decomposition of dynamical system"


Tobias Metzlaff (Inria)


Talk "Orbit Spaces for exponential Weyl Group Actions and the Chromatic Number of R^n"